Kitchen Hack Thursdays

Using a French Fry Cutter to Cube Vegetables

What’s going on guys! It’s #kitchenhackthursdays! Today’s kitchen hack is all about the french fry cutter.

The french fry cutter is one of my favorite tools to use in the kitchen. Not only does it make the perfect fries, it also makes cubing vegetables an absolute breeze.

I’ve cubed carrots, onions, celery, bell peppers, most root vegetables (including potatoes of course), and even tofu. It’s a life-saver especially when you’re doing heavy meal-prep for parties of four or more.

There’s no special technique – just cut whatever vegetable you’re working with into manageable sections, load it onto the french fry cutter and press down. I like it cause it’s easy enough for even kids to participate and have fun in the kitchen without having to worry about their safety.

French fry cutters are not too expensive either – they’re around $30 – $40 online, so if you don’t have one yet, consider investing in one the next time you’re getting ready to food prep! It’ll come in handy during Thanksgiving for sure.

Thanks for reading, catch ya next time.

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