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Sam’s soft-serve ice cream 霜淇淋 [Tainan, Taiwan]

You guys are probably going to hate me. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been a huge fan of soft-serve ice cream. It isn’t bad, but I prefer the texture of thick, creamy ice cream or the soft gooeyness of gelato.

That said, if someone tells me that there’s an amazing soft-serve ice cream in Tainan I have to try, you know I’m going to.

My friend made a recommendation the other day for Sam’s soft-serve ice cream, a small boutique ice cream shop on the touristy Shennong Street near the West Central District of Tainan, Taiwan. He said it was probably one of the better soft-serve ice cream he’s had in Tainan, and so of course after hearing that, I made it my mission to check the place out.

Sam’s soft-serve is located smack right middle of Shennong Street, unmistakably notable with their ice cream cone logo, hanging plants and pink and green color theme of the store.

The inside of Sam’s was pretty warm as is with most ice cream stores (not sure why it is; I’d assume it has to do with people feeling cold eating ice cream); its’ decor well-intentioned, but mostly feeling out of place much like beginnings of an empty apartment that’s been furnished with quirky IKEA trinkets. But not like it matters, right? We’re here to review ice cream; if their ice cream is good, then that’s all that really matters.

That brings us to review of the actual ice cream.

Like I’ve said at the beginning of the post: I’m biased. I’m not a huge fan of soft-serve ice cream whether or not it’s in a cup, a cone, or served by a guy named Sam; I’m probably not the best person to review this, but here goes.

The ice cream was average and reminded me of Mcdonad’s soft-serve which is a good thing cause McDonald’s is pretty decent but ironic because if that be the case, I’d just go to McD’s instead given the price and location. What really makes Sam’s soft-serve ice cream unique is the fact that they serve it with a ton of different toppings: mini pearls, fudge and caramel drippings, cereal corn puffs, crackers, biscuits, sprinkles and…. honey comb. For those of you who’ve never had honey comb, it’s like chewing on a exploding boba where the honey just oozes out with the only annoying thing being the wax that feeling like a piece of gum wrapper in your mouth. You suck the honey out and spit the wax out. The honey comb is a nice touch – it really helped with presentation and aesthetics of the overall ice cream but unfortunately wasn’t a great match with the ice cream overall. The honeycomb combined with the ice-cream was too intensely sweet; it overwhelmed the ice cream to a point where you could no longer taste the flavors of the ice cream at all.

The other toppings weren’t great either. The mini pearls were fun to eat up until the point where it started to become hard and starchy from the coldness of the ice cream. The other toppings with the crackers, corn puffs cereal, etc. mostly felt out of place as they were mostly bland and unimpressive. I feel like the topping selection here has more to do with Taiwanese culture than anything; these toppings on cakes and dessert are actually pretty prevalent in many restaurants and cafe I’ve been to in Tainan, Taiwan.

Overall, the ice cream at Sam’s soft-serve in Tainan really isn’t bad but it’s really just comparable with McDonald’s except with the more obvious choice of having more toppings. I’m not sure that I’d go to Sam’s again to be honest. It was just really mediocre for me at best.

If you really like soft-serve ice cream though and you’re in the area, I’d recommend you trying anyways just because like I’ve said, I’m pretty biased. I probably wouldn’t know how to appreciate soft-serve as well as you do.

Thanks for reading, duuck out.

Sam’s soft-serve 霜淇淋
No. 81, Shennong Street, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 700
+886 938 583 573

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