Creamy Pork Chops Simmered In Mustard Sauce

And he does it again! Jackson Samwell has dooooneeeee it again!

Ladies and gentlemen, I announce you this year’s winner in our annual pork chop cook off competition  — Jackson Samwell! He has done it again!

Five years ago, Jackson Samwell would’ve never believed it if you had told him that he had won his city’s annual pork chop cook off, twice in a row. He was a pig farmer who lived on the South side of the river bend.


Thailand’s most delicious Thai egg omelette

Jeremy Atkins was a three time olympic bodybuilder. He trained religiously, working out the moment he woke up to the minute he slept.

He was strict, dedicated. Whatever he set his mind to, he achieved. There was simply no going back for him, only forward. Just like the time when his coach suggested that eggs were the best source of protein for him, he started to eat nothing but eggs.


How to Make the Most Tender Round Steak Rye Sandwich

Ah, the story of the round steak open toast rye sandwich. It brings back memories of the time when I was in Paris.

It was a cold, snowy winter that year. The weather forecasts had been all wrong; what they had predicted to be fair, almost hot weather was completely incorrect. It wasn’t just snow, it was hail, rain and thunderstorms. The skies were dark and gloomy 18 hours a day and people were told to stay indoors.

That wasn’t even the worst of it. The worst was


The secret to amazing tuna fish sandwiches

Most people don’t know this, but faraway, next to the ancient Egyptian pyramids is a tiny farming village. The farming village has been around for centuries, lasting even longer than the rulers of the pyramids themselves. Ironically, although they’re a farming village, they specialize in the one thing that has nothing to do with farming: tuna fish sandwiches.

This tiny farming village has a secret recipe for tuna fish sandwiches that’s been