Creamy Pork Chops Simmered In Mustard Sauce

And he does it again! Jackson Samwell has dooooneeeee it again!

Ladies and gentlemen, I announce you this year’s winner in our annual pork chop cook off competition  — Jackson Samwell! He has done it again!

Five years ago, Jackson Samwell would’ve never believed it if you had told him that he had won his city’s annual pork chop cook off, twice in a row. He was a pig farmer who lived on the South side of the river bend.


Thailand’s most delicious Thai egg omelette

Jeremy Atkins was a three time olympic bodybuilder. He trained religiously, working out the moment he woke up to the minute he slept.

He was strict, dedicated. Whatever he set his mind to, he achieved. There was simply no going back for him, only forward. Just like the time when his coach suggested that eggs were the best source of protein for him, he started to eat nothing but eggs.


How to Make the Most Tender Round Steak Rye Sandwich

Ah, the story of the round steak open toast rye sandwich. It brings back memories of the time when I was in Paris.

It was a cold, snowy winter that year. The weather forecasts had been all wrong; what they had predicted to be fair, almost hot weather was completely incorrect. It wasn’t just snow, it was hail, rain and thunderstorms. The skies were dark and gloomy 18 hours a day and people were told to stay indoors.

That wasn’t even the worst of it. The worst was


The secret to amazing tuna fish sandwiches

Most people don’t know this, but faraway, next to the ancient Egyptian pyramids is a tiny farming village. The farming village has been around for centuries, lasting even longer than the rulers of the pyramids themselves. Ironically, although they’re a farming village, they specialize in the one thing that has nothing to do with farming: tuna fish sandwiches.

This tiny farming village has a secret recipe for tuna fish sandwiches that’s been

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What are Hong Kong Cart Noodles 車仔麵? (嗱喳麵)

Cart Noodles.

A steaming bowl of noodles, served in a light soy based broth with 3 toppings of your choice.

It sounds simple, but it’s really not. Each strand of noodles leaves a lingering taste of egg; the signature of all freshly made noodles. The broth, while subtle in flavor and depth, creates a smooth balance between the rich, almost-creamy-in-texture braised meats and the soft chewy al dente noodles.

You’re not just eating noodles either. With each bite of noodle, each slurp of the broth, you’re experiencing a bit of Hong Kong’s culture through one of their oldest and culturally iconic known noodles dishes.

Food Journey, Tainan, Taiwan

Gua Bao Cart “Tiger bites pig” 誠仔虎咬豬 [Tainan, Taiwan]

I was on my way home from one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Tainan, Taiwan when I stumbled across… you might’ve guessed it (or probably not), a food cart called 誠仔虎咬豬 or “tiger bites pig” that specializes in Gua bao.

Gua Bao is a traditional Taiwanese snack that consists of freshly steamed mantou stuffed with juicy thick slices of soy braised pork belly, garnished with cilantro, mustard greens and sprinkles of peanut powder and sugar. It’s sweet, savory, umami – all in one. A Gua bao made right is absolutely incredible; the flavors are intensely complex and rich, and the sour acidity of the mustard green balances the mouthfeel between the greasiness of the pork belly and the fresh peppery spiciness of the cilantro. It’s a snack that once eaten will leave you wanting for more.

I’m a fan of Gua bao (as if you couldn’t tell already). Whenever there’s an opportunity to eat one, I never hesitate. This food cart is exactly that case.

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What is Gua Bao 割包? (Also known as “tiger bites pig” 虎咬豬)

Taiwanese gua bao. A freshly steamed mantou bun sliced in half, stuffed with slices of thick, succulent pieces of braised pork belly, garnished with cilantro, and finished with a generous sprinkling of sugar and peanut powder. Mmmmm.

Gua bao (割包), alongside of milk tea, hot pot and popcorn chicken is a kind of food that can truly be representative of what Taiwanese cuisine is like. Found on the side of street sold by food vendors and making its way onto the menus of luxuriously lavish restaurants and hotels, Gua bao is served a myriad of ways: with fish, mustard greens, Taiwanese red sugar, whole peanuts, fried chicken, cucumbers, and even truffles.

Food Journey, Tainan, Taiwan

Sam’s soft-serve ice cream 霜淇淋 [Tainan, Taiwan]

You guys are probably going to hate me. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been a huge fan of soft-serve ice cream. It isn’t bad, but I prefer the texture of thick, creamy ice cream or the soft gooeyness of gelato.

That said, if someone tells me that there’s an amazing soft-serve ice cream in Tainan I have to try, you know I’m going to.

My friend made a recommendation the other day for Sam’s soft-serve ice cream, a small boutique ice cream shop on the touristy Shennong Street near the West Central District of Tainan, Taiwan. He said it was probably one of the better soft-serve ice cream he’s had in Tainan, and so of course after hearing that, I made it my mission to check the place out.

Food Journey, Must-try, Tainan, Taiwan

Shan Lin Xiang Thai Restaurant 山林香 [Tainan, Taiwan]

Oh man, oh man. I don’t even know where to begin. This restaurant, Shan Lin Xiang 山林香 is now easily one of the favorite Thai restaurants to frequent in Taiwan.

It’s funny because Tainan (the oldest city in Taiwan) isn’t even known for any other cuisine other than Taiwanese food so finding a gem like this Thai restaurant was really the last thing I would’ve expected.